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Nest Homewares

Nest Homewares

Nest Homeware is based in Providence, RI.
We make beautiful, smooth surfaced, cast iron cookware.
We work hard to make products that will feel great in your hands, look at home in your home, and work as well as they should, forever.

We believe that if something is going to last forever, it shouldn't just work well - it should be beautiful.

Matt Cavallaro || Founder, Principal Designer
Matt founded Nest Homeware in 2013 with a vision to make beautiful products that would last forever. His interest in ancient materials and his need for physical interaction with his work led him to cast iron over 10 years ago.

Drawing inspiration from the natural world, space, myth, and sacred geometry, Matt translates his ideas into forms and products that are meant to evoke the senses and elicit joy.

Rue Sakayama || Partner, Strategist
Rue joined Nest Homeware in 2016. She is consistently part of product design iteration and revision. Her foresight and creation of systems help Nest Homeware to continue moving forward.

More than anything, Rue is compelled by stories and the way that they are told through imagery. She brings her critical eye and photography skills to the table to tell Nest’s story, showing how our products can be a part of your story.
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