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Graziani have been producing candles since 1805, handing down passion, tradition and entrepreneurial skills from father to son. The territory marks us and binds us to our work; as our project was born on the Tuscan coast of Livorno, we have decided to dedicate this line of products to the Torre della Meloria.

Our candles are the result of a precious balance: history and tradition, of course, but also research and innovation, in the choice of raw materials as well as production technologies. However, the finish is always and only hand-made ; and it is the expert eye of man who carries out the quality control and decides whether a candle is worthy of the “Meloria” brand and therefore is a high-end furnishing accessory.

Meloria candles are characterized by an extremely glossy finish made with a natural cellulose-based paint that takes up to 6 days to dry completely. Packaged in sophisticated gift boxes, they are the perfect gift to give and to do.

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