Brooklyn Bento

Brooklyn Bento

As with many things in life, one thing led to the next and before we knew it we're manufacturing a small handful of sustainable eco-friendly products.   

It's been a long strange trip… here's how it all began.

We first learned about stainless steel bento boxes while racing a Rickshaw across India to raise money for the Cool Earth foundation.

During this 3 week adventure we raced across 2,500km in the Brooklyn Dodger Rickshaw.  We zig-zagged our way through remote villages on roads that were either unpaved or riddled with potholes. For a couple of Brooklyn guys, this was not an issue. We've been training on the Belt Parkway and Atlantic Ave for years.

Midway through our adventure we passed through a rural town on the edge of the Rajasthan Desert where we met Neeraj.

Neeraj is a local guy who graced us with his presence while we fixed our Rickshaw on the side of "his" road. Super nice guy, and funny! After much debate and lots of laughs he insisted on trading his bento box for my shirt (yes, he took the shirt off my back). It was a fair trade. It was a nice shirt. 

Fast forward and I'm back in Brooklyn eating out of a metal box…and loving it. It did not take long before we realized everyone loved this bento box and everyone wanted one; from our co-workers to our childhood friends to strangers in Prospect Park. (Even my ex-boss who had horrible taste liked this thing.)

That’s when we decided to begin manufacturing an authentic stainless steel bento box from India and bring it home to Brooklyn, N.Y. for all to enjoy.

Welcome to Bklyn Bento!  We truly love these products and hope you do too! Our only regret throughout this journey is not knowing how to contact Neeraj.  We know he would get a kick out of this.

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