The OG Mug
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The OG Mug

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12oz white speckled mug with a subtle spiraled texture for added hand-holding comfort. This is sure to become a morning favorite! It was created as a gift for my younger sister, the real OG in my life! Dishwasher and microwave safe.

“You used to stomp your feet instead of pitter patter
Walkin’ through the house like the hall was a mile
Come into the kitchen all grumpy, bitchin
Even grease jumps out the way for you.
Another orbit, loving who you’re phasin’ into.
You look like whiskey learned how to smile
To me, you're the OG, like oatmeal cream pie
Even fireworks clear the way for you.
I like the way you dream up where you’re headin’
Remember, you can always lift your face to the sky for awhile
I’m a little older, so I’ll keep direction I’ll always hold the ground for you.
Did you know, in my life you’re the leading lady?
I’m there for any mess with a microphone broom
You’ve been my glimpse of heaven now for twenty-seven
I'll always hold the ground for you"

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