Lotus Hanji Paper Tray (M)
Lotus Hanji Paper Tray (M)
Lotus Hanji Paper Tray (M)
Lotus Hanji Paper Tray (M)
Kim HyunJoo Studio (KHJ)

Lotus Hanji Paper Tray (M)

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Hanji Paper : traditional, sustainable, and reusable
Hanji is a traditional Korean high-quality mulberry paper. The Hanji trays are varnished with a natural shellac which makes them water-resistant. They can be washed by gently applying running water, or wiped with a wet towel, then dried with a towel and reused.

12.7" diam / 32.3 cm

Food Safe
The shellac finish is a natural resin secreted by the female lac bug on trees in the forests of India and Thailand. It’s well-known as a non-toxic food safe material. The shellac is vulnerable to heat and so your tray is recommended for use with cold and dry items or foods.

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