About Us

Cain Sloan is a Brooklyn, NY based home décor shop featuring work by local artists, a few further afield, and a handful of vintage finds. 
My dual intention for the shop is to provide a stable and reliable retail relationship for local artists, designers and makers and to provide my local Brooklyn community with access to all the amazing work being produced by their artist neighbors. 
Through this process we will inevitably establish relationships to people and things that bring us joy and a sense of belonging, and stimulate the dynamic energy that keeps us engaged with each other and connected to our shared cultural identity. 
If you are an artist or designer or creative who produces fun and / or functional work for the home please reach out.  I’d love to hear from you!  Email me.
Founded in 2020 Cain Sloan is owned and managed by Katherine Wells and is named after the department store founded by her great grandfather in Nashville, TN in 1903.  


Here's how you reach us

Cain Sloan
(718) 635-3654